Monday, July 16, 2007

Blog break!

Monday, July 16, 2007
Hear yeah! hear yeah blogger friends! I would be on a blog break for some days due to my pregnancy. By the time I am writing this blog entry, I am still very much pretty preggy. Yes! baby keeps us more excited and me quite nervous of my coming birthing. I am due today supposedly but some reasons maybe why baby still not coming out till this time. I just went to my doctor today and was examed about everything. Oh well, everything is doing well with me and my baby. Doctor said, baby will still be due maybe in 2-3 days..just needs to take baby's time...But then if nothing still happens on Friday 2oth of July, I needed to go immediately to the hospital for induce labor. Nothings to worry about..everything is normal for a first mom like me. It's just that, my baby is prolonging my agony of waiting and the feeling that I will be lying on that delivery bed. Yikes! Still excitement ignites me. When I get back in the blogging world for sure I could post baby's pics here & my experiences in delivering our first baby.
To everyone who keeps on checking on me and my pregnancy..thank you so much! It really helps me at this time to be more strong with my delivery.
See you all in few days. Keep me in your prayers.
Do widzenia! (goodbye in polish)
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