Monday, July 09, 2007

Coffee addiction anyone?

Monday, July 09, 2007
Magandang Umaga! Maayong buntag! Dzien dobry!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWhatever language your speaking... it is nice to start the day while greeting everyone over a warm cup of coffee. To all coffee lovers out here, I guess you will all agree with me. Well, why I end up writing about coffee today. Simply because I am craving for coffee. I usually start my day over a cup of coffee. What I miz most about coffee is the aromatic smell that could awaken once sleepy soul. Yes, I am deprived of coffee for few months now. It is all because I am very much pregnant & caffeine is not good for pregnant like me. I'm not actually addicted to coffee..I just simply like to snip for one especially when your too tired & stress at work. I don't know, It releases a certain stimuli in you that takes away the jittery feeling for hours & your adrenaline rush just keeps on kicking in.

To satisfy myself this morning with my cravings & to get away with the sleepy feeling , So I end up researching about the history of coffee. Today I learned in kape ni juan site that the city of Amadeo is the coffee capital of the Philippines & that Lipa City in Batangas is where the first coffee tree was planted in the Philippines. That is why Batangas is known for there coffee barako
or kapeng batangas ( Oh, I remember we still have one pack of coffee barako from will expire soon so I have to ask G to consume it before the year ends.). That benguet is one of the highest region in the Philippines where the variety of arabica coffee grows best. Arabica is known for its good flavor and aroma. Oww...Philippines is blessed with varieties of coffee. No wonder Filipinos are coffee lover too especially in the morning paired with that famous bread in Pinas 'Pan de sal'. Yikes! much more I crave for one.

What is more interesting with my research is this...that Coffee was once forbidden by Christian priests. That priest in Rome was forbidden to drink coffee cuz its a 'drink of a devil'..hmmmmm! very interesting right? more on this link about HISTORY OF COFFEE.
See, it has a religious history. Now you know more about coffee..for sure you will drink more.
And it it is best to drink & share your coffee over with someone close to your heart..the more intimate your talks is the more energy it ignites.
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Enjoy your first cup of coffee today. Happy Monday everyone!

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