Friday, August 03, 2007

'The most special gift '

Friday, August 03, 2007

Yesterday marks my 29th birthday. I have achieved many things in life in my 29 years of existence. There's no dreams I wished to have before that I never achieved at this age. Before, I dreamed of a fulfilling career that would really cater on my field of profession and expertise, to get married before reaching the age of 30 and a wonderful family. All of these things are all in my hands. Though at this time, I set aside my career in favor of married life. But there's no regrets. This is life I chose to live now. A life full of hope and aspirations.. to be more of a person becoming. A more fulfilling life shall I say. Not even the greatest career I dreamed of having can really compensate the now job I am attending - being a MOTHER and a household manager.

When I look back of the past years, It has full of twist and turns. An unnerving carousel that I know till now I have to face and prepare. Whatever it is ahead, I am very much ready and more stronger.

We had a small simple celebration yesterday at home with my Polish family. First time to celebrate my birthday with them and first time away from my treasured Filipino family. I am not sad coz I don't have them to celebrate my special day for I know they are praying and hoping for the best of me and my now family. So happy cuz there's no other greatest gift that I received on my birthday - the gift of having a baby..having Baby IZA is the greatest gift..the most special gift I received. I receives tons of greetings & gift from friends and family. Above all, my baby is my bundles of joy in these another year of life. She is my life and inspiration. The answer to my hope..a fulfullment of a promise..a promise that there is no special thing in these world than having that love, being loved, loving every moment of your life & giving back love in return. The more now I have the passion to live life and enjoy the love that life has been offering me.

Gifts from G

My birthday yummy!

And my most special gift.... MY BABY IZABELA!

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