Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yesterday, today & tomorrow...the one I am thinking for.

Thursday, September 20, 2007
A Polish friend Beata visited me today. I'm glad so least I feel a little alright seeing and knowing some friends really do care to drop by for awhile to check how i been these days.

Actually, pretty busy these days preparing for the upcoming baptism of my baby. The baptism would be on Sept. 30. After the ceremony, there would be just a little get together with the family and with my baby's godparents. It would only be a simple dinner with our super duper small family. It would really be an intimate one. We don't know who to invite since we don't have a big family here and friends are only few. NOt like in the Philippines that you don't have to think about who will come coz even if there's no invitations surely people will come especially if they are part of the family. When you say family members in the Philippines it talks about second up to third degree (lol). And when you say includes friends of friends. So, there's no one to think whom to invite there but what & for how many to prepare when it comes to food. Because celebrations there means foods, more of chit chat & loads of laughter. Sometimes now, I am wishing I am celebrating this in my country but the other way its alright since the smaller the better. More conventional and practical. Though, i miz the busy buzz of family members during family gatherings. The more I will miz them now that I am here.

On the other side, cold season is here again. We could really feel it and see that autumn is here. Leaves are slowly falling and changing its colors, air is becoming colder each day. The past weeks was really tiring and is raining almost everyday and that makes us lazy. Now, the more I want to snooze some more hours in bed but I have to get up from time to time to check on baby and to feed her. So, still i can't get straight hours sleep but now I get used to it. This is life with baby.

Yesterday, we went to a clinic to have an USG of my baby's legs. It is needed here to check if her legs are developing well. It was a busy day actually yesterday. We woke up so late in the morning knowing that our clinic appointments would be at 3pm but when G check on his scheduler, he found out that it would be at no choice but to dress up fast and without breakfast. It was quite a cold day yesteday so we had to put on more clothes to baby to warm her up in which she doesn't like. Oh well..but then everytime she's in the car she is more silent and sleep all the time. I do not know why she likes to be in car...maybe the sounds of the car and feeling that she was being swayed. Or that because she just want to go out just like me..heheh! After, we went to the mall to buy some warmer clothes for Iza and headed back home tired and sleepy. But I like bonding moments with G and now with Iza with us too. What's the hazzle is having baby in tow knowing she is still that small at 2months..and anytime she'll fuss looking for milk so I have to find a place to feed her since I am breastfeeding her. But I don't mind the hazzle of having her around us anywhere what's matters is the moments that the three of us is together. There is no great moments than being with people you love the most...right folks? that's all about yesterday..

Anyhow, Inspite of all the depressing and lousy feeling i had the past days...i still manage to smile being with my two babies at home (G & Iza). I hope I could rejuvenate more time with myself..I guess I needed that at times. What do you think?


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