Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Favicons

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Let me share with you this techie thing I made today. If you notice in my url address there's this little heart icon, that's what we call favicons (fav-eye-con) short for 'Favorite Icon'. Since my blogs talks about my passion and love of life, so I end up with a heart icon. To signify how I put love in the center of my life.

Yes! got it right for the very first time. I been studying on how to make this favicon thing for some days now but time coupled with no effort did not permit me to study this techie thing seriously. Today, I have this extra time and so I made serious reading and installing. I thought it's that difficult but it's easy as ABC.

Favicons can make our site unique and easily be noticed. Just like some companies, they have their own logo for recognization. As for me, I am not making this to be recognized or whatsoever (sounds defensive ah..hmmm *wink). I am just trying to learn some techie thing on the net and it has been my interest to learn more about computers and designing. Up to these days, I'm learning what's behind some things on the net, blog template designing and what's these stuff can offer me.

While surfing the net one dreaded day, I found this site how2make. The blogsite is so interesting because it shares basic knowledge about making HTML, FAVICONS, TEMPLATES and stuff like that. Since it has been my interest to learn these things since I am into blogging, I am trying to maximize my time to make and install favicons.

There are a lot of resources online that would teach you how to add & make Favicons. But with mine, I just simply download an icon from Favicons R Us. from there, I register a free account to Google Page creator and uploaded my newly saved Favicons from Favicons R Us. From there, I have to log in to my blogger site and edit my HTIML, save it and voila! there goes my Favicons. For easy and detailed tutorial on how to install this techie thing, go to this site how2make.

More techie thing next time... have fun!
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