Saturday, December 01, 2007

Freaky me

Saturday, December 01, 2007
There is something really weird happening in my system the whole week. It seems I can't get the right look of my site. I am trying to make my own layout but it seems there's still lots of things I need to know about this techie thing. Really I freak about this whole thing. Changing one temporary layout to another leads me to feeling high as in super over high! 'Till I lost my favicons...and I freak out to death coz i have to install it over again. So, trying to design my own favicons again but this whole damn downloading thing don't want to accept my new design..there is something wrong with pc saving system. GEESSSSSSHHHH!!!!!! Nevertheless, I still manage to put my old favicon back. Another power of patience & determination has to be put in me just to be successful with these whole thing. Anyhow, 'till now I am still on the process of making and learning my own layout. One friend voluntarily said he will make one for me. Yepey! but so kahiya coz I will be using the persons time..what are friends for anyway, right? hehehe!

So, that is all for now...i have to get back to business. I need to run a lot of errands here in the house. It's weekend by the way.

Happy Saturday everyone! Ciao....
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