Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baby and book indulgence

Thursday, February 28, 2008
My indulgence

I am currently reading the book 'TO THE EDGE OF THE SKY by Anhua Gao" It's a true story of the author's love, betrayal, suffering and strength of human courage. I love her candid humility and patience under the tyranny hands of Mao Tse-tung. I like her sense of principle here when it comes to idealism and some ways, her principles awakens me to the core and that life indeed has greater chance to hope and find real love to come eventually.

and this is what she said as to where and why she wrote the book:

' I wanted to tell the whole world the truth about China. People living outside didn't really understand what happened - because my parents died a long time ago I could not do my duty and look after them. I was too young. So i have written a book for them.'

Way in my history class in high school, we tackled so many things about China. But I never knew stories behind those not until i read this book. Can't wait to see the ending...

-With my 7 months old baby Iza-

She is on her 7months. I can't believe how she grew so fast. Sometimes, I can't carry her anymore coz she is gaining so much weight that after long carrying I got back pain. She knows some tricky things too...from pretending that she's crying (i know she's pretending coz i can't see any tears from her eyes) just to get what she wants and if u give in..she will give u a smile that somewhat says 'now i got u ma!' *wink. See? how clever she is now. I could see that she is learning to crawl by her own. For now, she is going around the sala by using her butt like sliding it with coordination of her legs. Plus, gathering her toys in one corner or that dragging them along with her wherever she goes around. Looks funny & cute, right? But then, we need to be careful at her age now. She is so active and so curious on things that anything she sees something new to her eyes when she got hold of it, it will go straight to her mouth or not, open things and get things from there especially ones that could create sounds. Yes! she is fond of sounds..making sounds. From making blahblahs that I do not know what is she talking about.. up to drumming things with her hands. Sounds great that she is improving a lot but mind you so tiring watch her all the time. Though it pays when she do communicates and respond to me that well at this time. Opps...i am still just writing this about opening and making sounds...there she goes knows now...opening the drawers. Geesh! that's what G is telling me to be very careful with her coz she is just observing us what we are doing around. and if she gets the chance she is trying it out for herself. Oh how i love her talent! :-0)

After 6 months of the baby here, they need another USG to check if their hips & leg muscles, bones are doing well. Actually, this is the third USG of Izabela. The first one was when I just gave birth to her on her 3rd day and second was i think on her 3rd months. So far, as i could see it's doing well. Both legs are kicking that much and she's using it much more now that she is learning how to crawl. How I love to see her crawling but pretty sure much more job and responsibility for me.

With my baby kicking me now while I am typing this... i think wants to play with me that i need to stop. More baby stories soon!

Do widzenia!

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