Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This techie thing named PENCIL

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Since I was a kid, I love to sketch and or make some funny drawings in my notebook page by page to create a motion of my drawings. How I really would want to learn animation and cartooning. So interested and amaze to some geeky tech folks who could do such things. I easily get impressed and stunned.

I frequently visits blogs of notes section of blogspot to get insites and learnings from other blog spotters. Today one of the blogs that is of hit is the site of THE CARROT OF REVOLUTION. And from there, I found a great site - PENCIL A fantastic animation program. that answers my interest in animation programming. I will try to install this program and try it out. But I need to learn the program and learn from the users too.. I need to ask some info too about how far and what this program can offer.

What more, it is absolutely free! Isn't it nice ? Can't wait to make mine...

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