Monday, April 14, 2008


Monday, April 14, 2008
Poland is been my home for almost 2 years now. I guess I've learned to grasp the polish culture. For the past years, never thought I would live these far from home. So far away from family and friends I get to be with over blues & happy time. This is where winds of life takes me.

So far so good! I am enjoying every bits of everyday polish life. Meeting & smiling to poles where some maybe find me so pathetic. But hey! i will still do smile anyway. Who cares. Everyday is not all hard for me. Dealing with my everydays is not at all hard to match their culture with mine. Although, I admit I am struggling with the language. In fact, It is my worst dilemma. When and how will I learn. Actually, needed to seriously learn the language. If not, i can't keep myself from going like the usual stuff I used to do back home.

My first months here, enrolled myself to a polish language class. But never learn to converse till now. Why?! Do I really have to be a well versed polish speaker? Then on my 2nd semester, i quit! for some obvious reason - my pregancy. That I needed to take care of my pregnancy first. Until this time, struggling with my polish. I hope I'm not alone with this struggle. Some friends often tells me 'nie martw się!' (don't worry). Who would not worry when you can't even do anything freely & indepently.

* pulls hair

' przeprazam, nie mowi po polsku.' that's how I always answer when someone talks to me in polish and ask them back with this: ' mowisz po angielsku?'

See, I have the ability already that i can speak the languge. But then, needed to polish it and learn real hard the polish grammar....and learn to segregate polish words in their right groupings. See?! polish words has this called groupings to put it in right sentences & grammar. Funny as I ask some of my polish friends. They don't know about the groupings of their words, in which i find so challenging and exciting.

If your a polish or happen to be in Poland, tell me how do you find the polish language. How do you deal with it?

More of polish my polish next time....these are just one of the many parts of my strugggle with polish language.

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