Friday, April 04, 2008

Take aside

Friday, April 04, 2008
Life always have a (not so funny way) of keeping us on our toes. I always find myself saying.."oh great, like I need a another challenge!”

Then I contemplate and take a step back while undermining my abilities. But wheels in my head are always turning with the thought of limitless possibilities. I take a peak and dare myself to go on. Then I take two baby steps forward while convincing myself like the little engine that could…”I think I can!!”

I cross my fingers, leap forward and say..”oops! there’s no turning back now. tsk tsk tsk”

So I get there and just when I think it will swallow me whole..I catch myself asking…”hmm did I miscalculate?"

Then I stall a lil bit and familiarize myself with the walls that I find myself encased within. But of course, knowing me, I don’t back down (unless otherwise I find a reason to believe that I am just being competitive for no reason). Plus I hate being trapped, I get claustrophobic you know. So I equip myself with the knowledge and strength that I need to reach that hill where the grass is greener, “yup that’s the Spirit!”

At the last minute, when push comes to shove, everything just always comes together like magic…then I go for my all time favorite victory cheer (in a low lifeless voice): ”Bite me!” hehehe

So I breathe and say..”wow the view is a whole lot better here on other side.”

Then I look back and reflect about the girl I was before, wonderin’ -”Am I a better person?” I smile with content, pleased with myself.

So why should I stay put and be on the safe side?

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