Thursday, May 29, 2008

My first taste of how Polish celebrates child's First Holy Communion

Thursday, May 29, 2008
Couple of weeks ago, we attended First Holy Communion of my friends youngest daughter, Patrycja. For Polish tradition, the child's First Holy Communion is a grandiose event. I didn't expect it's that engrande! as we call it in my language. I was appalled (my word that best described the event) as to how they celebrate it. With much details to the child's physical outlook - dress, shoes & hairdo and to mention, extravagant reception. The occasion was a lavish affair with glorius polish foods and by the end of the day, left me bloating:-(

I appreciate how they celebrate another milestone of the child's life. We never had such celebration back in my country. It's a different tradition back home.

What is more exciting for me, is the gift giving. Most guest are bringing gifts for the child & parents too. That we don't have in my country. We can't receive gifts on such occasion nor celebrate it. Plainly come to the ceremony and go home:-)

Some days ago, we were watching a short documentary film as to how & what parents, families nowadays celebrate the occasion and much more, what they gave to their children. Although, they say back then, it was really like that...more festive like how they are celebrating weddings here. On a side note, weddings here are celebrated two days in a row with lots of drinking and merry making. It was like that. It seems now, the same way of celebrating but what I could not understand how parents spend a penny for buying gifts for their child. One child in the film was given the newest model trend or toy of children - scooter. Based from some reports, some gives the child a laptop, ipod or that the newest model of cellphone. On the contrary, it is not that practical and educative. Though, i could not blame them. Parents makes both ends meets just to provide the best thing for their children. I know of that now that i am a parent but there should be limits & goes with the child's capacity.

I truly appreciate as to how they welcome the child's catholic life but some just lavishly celebrate it and that spoils the significant of the ccasion.

Here's some pics of patrycja and her little guest, my daughter Izabela.

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