Thursday, December 18, 2008

Time is gold isn't it?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

How do you manage your time? Sometimes that is one hell of a problem for us. How to pull time to get enough with everything we want to do in a day.

When I am not blogging it is because I am really soooo busy with my earthly life as a mom. You know motherhood demands a lot of time and it extracts a lot of your energy end you up tired after a day. If I have the chance to do my personal stuffs, usually I update my blog or do my usual hobby like reading or trying to experiment on cooking and do some other routines . That's how I spent my time at home. It is true, when you will be a mom you will be doing multiple things and you will be an expert to it. You get to manage and joggle time in an enormous way.

When I was working, I was extremely busy too. That I do not have time at home to do the usual hobby or things I want or stuff like that. Over the weekend, I'd rather doze myself to sleep and take an adventure to lala-land. It's a great perk after a whole weekdays of working long hours. NOw that I am a full time stay-at-home mom, I can do whatever I want with my own time and space. But mostly I am spending my time with my very active toddler. I can't leave her behind. I have four eyes all for her.

Sakto gyud ilang giingon nga bisan pangutot makalimtan na nimo. hahaha!

You know what, I still manage to do my beauty rituals despite of everything. I see to it that I still maintain that same aura and maintenance in my face. Yay! True and that is really a good perks for me. I am really that kikay. One time a family friend here flatters me with the word ' your beautiful!' and I heart her for making such compliment. Dako gud akong atay. Maybe she said that because it is her first time to see an asian woman in our area or that to pleased me. But one thing I notice about people here, if they want to tell you something they will say it wholeheartedly in a straightforward manner. Not like us Filipinos that we tend to go around the bush just to flatter or to do anything to displease the person. It's another culture anyway but I love it when the person say it to me frankly or sincerely on something.

Anyway, this entry will not be talking about my beauty routine or my being a kikay in some sort. What I want to imply in here is that, even if we are entagled into something in our daily life never to forget that we still have life of our own. Sometimes in our busy schedule we should take time to perk ourselves. Doing simple things to lighten our loads would make our life easy to manage and live well. I do understand the word busy but I do not understand why some can't manage time despite of their busy schedule. Always remember there is always time for everything. Time for work, play, eat, sleep and do our personal stuff.

Now that I am fully managing my time, I understand that 24 hours is given to us just enough to do our daily chores. Some still find it not enough time to do everything in a day. If we just learn to plan and pull our schedule, then we could always have healthy life to live with.

Our usual talk with my former colleagues are usually about their working schedules. That 24 hours is not enought time to do all their work. I truly understand that we nedd to work in order to survive with life. I always give them reminder, that life is not about all working is about enjoying every second of it. Enjoy your work but don't overdo yourself. And they will answer me back, that I can easily said that coz i am not working and just having a grand time of my life. Of course I am not always having a grand time at home, motherhood is one occupation that gives no benefits such as sick leave, vacation leave, coffee break, lunch break and day-offs. It is a 24/7 schedule with no backing out. It is a lifetime occupation. I admit, I am one hell of a busy worker working my butts out before. This time, I just learned to manage my time and understand that there is more to life than get wasted more at work. That there is more I can give within a quality time spent with family and with the one I love. It is a matter of being responsible with our time and space.

That is why time is gold so we will know how to manage it wisely.

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