Monday, January 19, 2009

When will we say goodbye to diaper

Monday, January 19, 2009
potty-training Pictures, Images and PhotosMotherhood keeps me busy everyday. It demands a lot of time and effort and that makes life crazy sometimes. Sometimes I have no control over things that would just happen in a day. I have to manage the household especially in nurturing my little darling Iza and my pregnancy. So yeah, that is life nowadays.

So...I been trying to toilet train Izabela last autumn but I think that time she is still not that ready for potty training. There is no sign of readiness and willingness. Last week till today she keeps on saying the word 'poop' and pointing to go to the toilet. It was a good sign. Though I tried to familiarize her with what we usually do inside the toilet and she knows that we can pee and poop there. Lately, she has the eagerness to wanting to remove her diaper and sit on the toilet bowl. So I tried to put her there from time to time but then still no success. She just sat there for some minutes and say 'dobrze' meaning ok or good. And so when she said that I immediately took her out of the toilet bowl.

Today she keeps on saying poop and put her there again. She didn't pee nor poop, she just sat there and talked with me. Anyways, it is a good sign that she is trying and willing. As long as we will keep on repeating this same cycle everyday there is no doubt that we will be successful in learning her to pee and poop in the toilet. It is exactly exhausting job for me since I have a big tummy and lifting and putting her there from time to time is not a joke. Goodness sake, it has been every mom's challenge to potty train a child, but with determination and effort ...success will be rewarded in the end.

I still do not know when will we say goodbye to diapers. That is my goal this month to be successful in learning her to poop and pee in the toilet. When can we be successful? that I do not know...

Wish us luck for this challenging thing.

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