Sunday, February 22, 2009

In NZ you can stay easily

Sunday, February 22, 2009
We were discussing with my close friend L about her decision to migrate in New Zealand. She's a little hesitant at the same time has that eagerness to explore a new life abroad. Of course, she still get to practice her profession there as a nurse and get better salary than in P.I. But one thing for sure she would greatly can't imagine is living her family. Though not for good but there is nothing much better than being close to them. I attest to her that.

My cousin is currently studying and hopefully will be staying in New Zealand for good. During her first weeks her mom was with her, to accompany her and to sees to it that everything will be alright as to the accommodation and school stuffs. She told me that they stayed in Quest apartments , one of the cheapest hotels and apartments there in NZ. When i tried to inquire in their site, they have wide range of special last minute deals and offers to fit once budget. The ambiance looks nice and inviting. It's like your just at the comfort of your home.

Some pics i gathered from the site.

There's another one too base backpackers, Hostels that is designed for modern day backpackers and travellers in a much cheaper prize but with modern quality service and comfort. These kind of accommodation is good for group trip with friends or with family who's travelling for fun and adventure. It is a god way they have such service.

Take a look at some pics...they have cafeteria, internet room and a room for the group.

But she told me if you really can afford to pay for a high rate and grand one, there is also Grand Chancellor. Where I think this kind of hotel is better for corporate and leisure guest to take a relaxing site and accommodation after a stressful day in business. Wherein one can truly feel and put together business and leisure. My other friend who's now based in New Zealand, told me too that they stayed some days with hubby in one of the hotels of grand chancellor while hubby is having some buiness meetings along the area. She said it was a nice hotel with cozy ambiance. But then i think this is just for the elite businessman.

I like the white serene look of their chancellor rooms.

It was nice idea that my cousin gave me a little insite New Zealand where to stay and to go. So, I said to cousin there in NZ you can stay easily with these prices and accommodations.

I will be sharing this to my close friend L who's quite confused at this time if she will grab the opportunity to go there or go there for awhile just to get to know the place and stay in one of these hotels.

Travelling is not that cheap I know. One thing we need to consider is our accommodation but I think these hotels so far has great reviews as far as what I read from the site and heard from cousin. Travelling can be a whole lot of fun and more exciting when you get to see that prices are getting cheaper. It's a perk.

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