Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring decorating

Thursday, March 12, 2009
Spring is just around the corner, i think! Snows are melting but there are still some occasions snow and rain go together. It is perhaps sign that spring will sprung soon. I hope!

There's a lot of plans after my birthing. One is to do some house decorating and cleaning so it would be more relaxing. One of my main concern to change and wanting to buy is a good lamp for our receiving area. It is where we mostly receives and entertain guest and of course bond with family. So it is a must that it should look nice. It should have a good lighting. It would really creates a more beautiful ambiance. With that, I'm in the look of lamps that would surely fit in to the setting of our space. There were numerous lamps and lights in different designs and features like fine art lamps , they are traditionally handcrafted and i like the style so classic. There is also this sea gull lighting, modern in design yet a touch of classic. Both fits to our old european house since we tried to design it with a modern touch. That's it!.

So, we are still waiting for spring and summer to kick in. Aside from that my pregnancy limits me to do anything in the house. Spring and summer is a lovely time to clean and do some house decorating.

Oh whew! tomorrow is my due date. I will give birth maybe tomorrow or it would be anytime. Wish me all the best.

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