Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thinking of health and beauty after giving birth

Thursday, March 05, 2009
My baby countdown says that I am on my 38 weeks of pregnancy. I think there is something wrong with that baby widget. heheheh! Exactly, I am on my 40th weeks. I will be giving birth so soon as in very sooooooon! Next week would be my last week and can't wait for that day. Last night I thought it would be the moment, but still the contractions are irregular and subside after midnight. Everything is set... Bags for hospitals, papers and documents and of course ME!

Lately I am having difficulty in sleeping, it is because of this growing tummy. Baby is getting more heavy each day and keeps on moving from time to time. So restless inside like playing football or just maybe want to let me know that she is also excited to see mommy very soon.

Yay, exciting!

The past days is spent more on preparing for my birthing and resting to give me more strength since I'd like to give birth naturally again.

Anyhow, I am also preparing myself after giving birth. Essential things to keep me alive and rejuvenated all over again. One of the things I am thinking is to keep myself fit again. Keeping myself healthy and beauty is very important factor for me to bring back that happy glow in my face. So, I am trying to search on the net as to what skin care lines best fits me after giving birth. There's a lot of skin care and beauty products in the market that promises a lot of things. At my age, I have to be extra careful plus I am absolutely now a mother of two children. Personal care should be something natural and economical.

At this very moment, I can't wait to give birth and be back to non-pregnant days.

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