Thursday, April 02, 2009

Help for me!

Thursday, April 02, 2009
Sometimes you can't make it on your own....

That is true! you need someone to help you out on something.

I know, i know, i been missing a lot of post here. Life has been so busy these days since baby number 2 came out. I don't want to connote the word busy since I do believe that if you just find time to do on something you can accomplish something. Time is mostly with baby Jan. He needs much attention and swaddling most of the time. That makes my Izabela being so fussy at times and jealousy kicks in with her. I tell you, I can't handle her at times. She wants my attention and Jan wants my attention too. Oh gush! You can exactly imagine how I am spending my days with two dependent children.

Yes! I do lack some sleeps. The first nights at home is really crazy. I can't doze off to sleep for long since Baby Jan is crying trying to master feeding on my breast plus breast engorged and so big (like pamela anderson) .When he cries, my Izabela too cries like crazy. She doesn't like the sound of Jan's crying voice. But actually, she is adjusting with the new baby at home....really adjusting. For some years, she is our baby and most of our time is with her. Now that we have Jan she is somewhat asking that attention she has before. Though, hubby is very cooperative. He do the dirting things in the house and be with Izabela. That is why, I am having hard time now getting her attention when G is out for work. If she sees that I am busy with Jan, she will try to scream and look fo G or for babcia (grandmother). I am a little panic at times. That she might get spoiled with babcia's attention. Of which giving her everything she likes. I do not have any other option but to give her to mom when I am busy with little Jan. What to do?

I think my child psychology is being tested here. Reality really bites.

Experienced mom's out there, tell me what and how to handle my active toddler.

Any tips?

Help me! :-)

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