Monday, May 25, 2009

I heart Krakow

Monday, May 25, 2009
There is something about this place that amazes me. Your like being put into a time machine and brings you back to olden time. Why? because everything you see around are so old, I think more or less a hundred years old. Buildings, streets and architectures are really old and distinctively still beautiful. Culture is still rich and intact. You could see churches in every corner of this place. Everything also in the city center is old even if the boutique or store is a modern store but they still maintain the old architecture.

Now, try to see...

old buildings

This handmade stuffs caught my eyes. I love this so cutie.


This is what you call, religious. Every corner of Krakow you could see church as old as 18th century.





There is a wonderful story about this church. They call this one twin tower coz of the twin brothers....sorry forgot the name.

twin tower

And the holy Divine Mercy Shrine. The right place where Jesus appeared to Sister Faustina.

This is not the right path where Jesus had that conversation with Sis. Faustina. This is the church where masses is held. The chapel where where Jesus appeared to Sis. Faustina is so holy and that photographs are not allowed inside nor wearing sexy clothes and silence should be maintained inside. So, we're not able to take pics there only outside.

divine mercy shrine

View from the top.


The window of the room where Sis. Faustina died.

the room where sis. faustina died

a stone fragment from where Jesus was crucified.


The tour would not be complete without visiting the Queen and King's place, the famous Wawel Castle. If Paris has effeil Tower, Poland has Wawel Castle.





a tourist wanting to take a good shot of the cathedral inside the castle.

this is the best position when you take a shot

But the best way to tour around the place is to ride a horse or just by biking.

right turn

So, that's where we were last summer. Late post right? anyhow, better late than never sharing it. There's still many things to explore from this place but time forbids us to go anywhere. Anyways, it is just near from our place about 2 hours by car so there is a lot of time to go there anytime.

Now you know why i love Krakow.

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