Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Reading with Grandrich

Wednesday, July 01, 2009
There's are so many things going on with me lately. Some are annoying, others surprised me that left me with a wide grin on my face. So that makes you wonder what am I doing during my spare time. I would say there's a lot of possible things to do. As always, I make it a point to give myself freedom to do things other than doing & taking care of my children. One of the things I usually do is making some creative stuffs to let my mind freely exercise and thinking away sometimes from motherhood stress. You know what i mean. Blogging is the other way of making myself busy too. I will be blogging more now since children are manageable at this time. So expect me to be doing more product reviews and I will be doing giveaways too. Stay with me for that.

Other than those, I am still into reading. Oh! that reminds me that I need to share with you soon too the latest books I get to fancy with.

Reading is a favorite thing I truly love to do during my spare time. It frees my mind about anything. So, I am back into reading. Since, there are still books lining up on the shelves waiting for me to take them. Just need to invest more time to be really back full time in reading. Since lately, my little boy sleeps early & well at night that gives me more time to to reading again. Weather is warmer nowadays. It's a perfect time to just sit & relax. During the day I do not need lighting because it's now sunny. But during the night, I really need good lighting in our reading area.

So, I found myself searching for a perfect companion with my reading, and I found the perfect one that really caters to my taste and liking. The Grand rich classic reading floor lamp is my perfect companion for those long nights of avid, unfaltering, and entirely engrossed reading of a good book. Still, my nighttime reading will never be a chore plus I will not get to strain my eyes because of bad lighting. Grandrich is my new companion that really never lets me down as its functional purpose is intended to provide adequate lighting for those long nights of reading those amazing books that I just have to finish. It can easily be transported wherever I want to, maneuverable, and durable with its heavy steel base that adds control and stability to our reading station.
Additionally, for those with taste of aesthetic design, the Grandrich Reading Lamp's strikingly handsome, versatile design is a perfect accent to any room, regardless of style. The lamps is adorned in an irresistible olde bronze finish, and a steel base that is incredibly ornate and even enchanting. I learned too that, for years Grandrich has been a leader in the lighting community, with their emphasis on inventive, industrial design for residential use. They have continued to create products that are practical, beautiful and affordable. The people at Grandrich specialize in well-thought out brilliant designed ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps and outdoor lights, always with a customer in mind, first and foremost. That is my new companion now in my reading.

Reading with Grandrich will never be the same again.

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