Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are your ready for Christmas?

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Yes! ?

No, I'm not!

Few more days left and it's christmas once again . Yet our christmas tree is still not up. No christmas spirit hanged anywhere yet except that it keeps on snowing here now and that makes it more exciting to celebrate.

Here in Poland, people put up their christmas decorations just few days or weeks before christmas. I do not know why but they are accustomed to it. But they do put the christmas decorations that long till February. I do not find it weird though.

My first years here, I'm kind of surprise why on a September I could still not see any christmas decorations hanged all around. G explained to me that their culture is mostly not that so early on decorating for the holidays. However, they do celebrate christmas really that long. Even the christmas decorations in the church would be there till 6th of February. What I do really appreciate with the culture is how they do prepare theirselves as catholics, like going to confession before celebrating christmas. Other than that, buying gifts for each one in the household and to close ones are also very on top of their list. Of course, back home we do prepare gifts to the people we love. But what they really make sure of is that, they are prepared spiritually. It's one of the season of the year where priest here are really that busy welcoming people for confession. So expect a long queu in the confessional box. In which,I know we didn't practice back home before celebrating christmas.

They don't practice dawn massess here too and that made me missed attending the 9 dawn masses. But they do have here 'roraty mass'. It is an early morning mass too usually at 6 in the morning or sometimes at 6 in the evening. Most of the children who are attending rorate mass are bringing with them lighted lamp. So, it is so nice to see them going to the church wearing a winter clothes with lighted lamps with them. For brief explanation of that Polish tradition see this link ... ADVENT.

I never get a chance yet to attend rorate mass, for sure next year since my Izabela would be turning 3 years old then so she would be big enough to understand the meaning of such tradition and practice.

Whatever preparations and traditions we are practicing before christmas, one thing we need to understand and remember is that we are celebrating the big day of our saviour Jesus Christ. So, practices, traditions and prerations doesn't really matter as long as we are doing our share before the big day.

We may not have any christmas spirit yet all over our house and yet deep down inside me I always have that spirit to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

How about you did you prepare yourself already for big J's birthday? What is your gift for Him?

If you ask me if i'm ready...oh well, YES! It doesn't matter our christmas tree is not up yet but that my heart is ready and prepared to celebrate.

How about you?

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