Sunday, October 09, 2011

Bucket list

Sunday, October 09, 2011
A lot are into bucket listings lately. Maybe, inspired by the popular film 'Bucket List'.

So here I am making my own  somewhat bucket list too, to inspire and motivate myself every single day. 

How is that? * wink!

I will be tracking this list from time to time , tick-off items done or remove them if they no longer relevant and add- on  dreams wanted to reach. 

After all, the only free thing in this world is to DREAM. :-)

1.  Travel back to Philippines with my two children and husband.

2. Open my own handmade/ vintage / etsy shop.

3. Build and own a house.

4. Learn to ski in one of the Tatra mountains.

5. Speaks & write the Polish language fluently.

6. Learn to drive.

7. Attend a photography workshop and learn more about street , lifestyle photography.

8. Organize a charitable activity.

9. Explore Asian countries like Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand & Vietnam

10. Meet, reconnect with my  two closest bestestfriends in Elementary namely Indira & Rizza.

11. Watch a play.

12. Roadtrip around Europe.

13. Get another degree  in Poland.

14.Get a really fabolous job that caters to my passion in the field of arts.

15. Make a nice garden with lots of flowers and fruit bearing trees.

16. Sew professionally.

17. Fly kites with my kiddos.

18.Maintain my ideal weight between 53-55 kilos. ( we'll see! hahahah!)

19. Design & make my own sewing pattern.

20. Read the bible everyday.

21.  Visit again Bohol. Explore the wonderful islands of Palawan, Boracay, Camiguin and Davao.

22. Spend more time with my parents when I am with them.

23. Date with husband at least once a month.

24. Watch live concert to any of my favorite bands/singers.

25. Write or send letters/cards to friends and family via airmail and using my handwriting to tell them how much they mean to me.

26. Donate to charity.

27.  Talk and meet Pope and a monk.

28. Run 5K.

29. Spend at least 30 mins. exercise everyday.

30. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone I know or do not know.

31. Always remember to say I LOVE YOU at least once a day.

32.  Perform a kind deed to at least 5 strangers without expecting anything in return.

33. Give a free hug to strangers.

34.  Experience a sunrise / sunset beside the sea or on top of the mountain.

35.  Sing my favorite song to a large crowd.

36.  Write a book to someting that means a lot to me.

37. Learn to dance the TANGO.

38.  Bake a cake or whip up my best recipe for someone else. will still be doing this often.

39. Try vegetarianism for a month or more.

40. Learn diving.

41. Be more forgiving.and i need to remind myself all the time.

42. Pray more and meditate regularly. but i need to make this as a habbit not only as i am oblige to.

43. Be more patient. Patience is a virtue anyway. and more more patience everyday!

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