Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trip plan

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
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Autum finally here. Changing of weather really sometimes depressing. So the idea of going out of town came to mind lately.

Been thinking of going  away from this cold winter months here in Poland. So, went searching online for traveling agencies that could really gives us a wonderful family trip to get away with the autumn/winter blues.

A friend mentioned to me Zicasso. One of the top travelling websites she came accross with while browsing for  Australia honeymoon  packages. They are thinking of an Australian adventure right after their May next year wedding in California. Travelling is one of their way of relaxation when their time at work allows them. So everytime i am looking for adventure or trip abroad, I always seek their advise and opinions when it comes to travelling agencies and travel tours. And remembered a news about  Australia Honeymoon killers. Shared them the story not to scare them but to make them aware.  They laughed at me knowing the silly side of me. They say it will not happen to them.

Autumn and winter are the best season to be out of this cold Polish country.

Any trip plan at this autum/winter time?
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