Sunday, November 06, 2011

Inspirational Sunday: Fabric Scrap Projects/ideas

Sunday, November 06, 2011
I like to blog hop every now and then. That's when I really have a lot of time to go online. It's my way of getting inspired and motivated on a day to day basis. But most of the time, I forgot to bookmark or list the sites that i love or great DIY / project ideas a blogger posted on their blog. So from now on, i will spare a little time of my Sundays to blog about DIY projects/ideas that I like or sites that i love to visit.

I've mentioned in my previous post that I am trying to get away with my fabric scraps or stash. They are so many now that hubby keeps on asking me what to do with the boxes of fabrics. So, I am challenging myself to be more productive this winter. 

For today, i got inspired to make this fabric baby shoes found at SILHOUETTE site.  nice idea actually for scrap projects.

Two of my friends are expecting. I'd love to make some fabric shoes for their upcoming babies.

This is not about fabric scrapping but if your following my blog, you maybe familiar that I love to bake especially cupcakes but I am still honing my skills in cupcake decorating. Good thing about web surfing is that, you will gain a lot of things. SImple tutorials do great magic.......I learn a lot by just searching online with what i really want to know.

This fondant bow tutorial to decorate a cupcake at  is an easy for me to follow.

Going back to fabric scrap projects.Consulting google man is the best option to look for fabric scrap ideas.

Top 1 on the list is this fabric scrap bracelet:

source here      

Second, this scrap necklace. why not!

Tutorials can be found here : LoLovie Necklaces

Braided fabric bracelet...reallly pretty!

That's all for this Sunday folks. Of course, I pinned all of them too in my Pinterest. So, if your into pinning please do stop by at my Pinterest too found HERE!

Happy Sunday! have fun and enjoy your time with love ones.
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