Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autum Wardrobe Inspiration

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
These are inspiring wardrobe I'd like to try on this Autumn. I found all of these at Te' chichi site. One of my favorite Japanese clothing website. 

I am not a Japanese for those of you suspect that I am. But, I love all things Japanese...culture, the simple construction of their clothings is so inspiring (if your a lover of clothings and sewing you know what i mean), their art is another on and so forth.  So, mostly I am mistakenly Japanese though I don't claim that I look like one. *wink! I am very Filipina by heart and soul.

So here...enjoy!

what makes me likes the dress is the cat print and of course! the simplicity of it.

the coat is fabulous!

been my style of styling scarf like that of the picture and the dress is just so whimsical.

the coat is perfect staple for colder autum weather...reversible! clever!

the blouse is so simple yet pretty. the coat is so classy.

Who would not be inspired ?

More Autumn/Winter Wardrobe inspiration next time.......

Happy day!

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