Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fashion finds: Reserved

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
This would be an inspirational post from now on. I would try my best to keep up this post 'fashion finds'. It will be more about fashion trends, clothings, accessories that inspires and fit to my liking. 

So, here are my first entry for this post.........

Most of these clothing & accessories are from re-reserved, one of my favorite clothing brand also here in Poland that is affordable yet sassy and chic.  

I find their collection fascinating and inspiring. 

Let's start with the jacket or the outer wear. 

These tweed jacket is essential this fall season or in any season here in cold Poland.

A versatile jacket that can be paired to any outfit....jeans, shirt, dress, skirt, short...mix and match! 

Sweater type of outer wear is also essential in the wardrobe. I like this color.


I am a sucker of all things black. I do not know why. Though, I am trying now to inject more colors to my wardrobe especially that I am now trying my best to sew most of my clothes.

Who would love this gold/black dress?! style is something classy and that tassle on the skirt added more life to the dress. Good for nightout party.

Such kind of fabric of that dress is getting a popularity now too in the fashion world.

And if you are following my previous post, you will understand why I chose this dress. I am such a huge fan of peter pan collar. And, I want to try with glitter too.

SHOES! oh lala! I am a shoe-aholic but not imeldific.

I like to wear flat shoes. Maybe because i am much more on the go.For mostly I am with my two active toddlers. Such shoes is good enough when running errands out of home and fit to any occasions too.

There is something about glittery shoes nowadays. So, I am attracted to it and I would want to try wearing one this season.

Both shoesies, can be a good match to the above dresses and jackets.


A gold pants?! why not! Such a wonderful pants to pair with the above flat shoes, and a little too much when match with the above two glittery high heeled shoes i think.

Two pants that is wearable for me and i can mix and match with what is already in my closet. And the colors are wonderful for the season.

These two shirts are interesting for me. The style is so me and the glittery part too! :-) Why i love glittery things these days... interesting !

That's all for today's fashion finds. I hope i could come up with a nice collage next time so i could mix and match the clothes/accessories I found. 

Have a nice day all!

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