Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sureau Dress Sew-along: Sewing the Muslin

Saturday, November 10, 2012
Oh my! Oh my!

At last, starting to construct and sew this Sureau dress. Sewing a muslin is really  a great help. Since, I have collected a lot of Ikea cotton fabric lately, end up using one for my muslin. 

Obviously in the picture, mine came out not right. The button placket isn't equal to the front bodice. Though I gather it right. I cut two button placket and sewn it on both parts of the front bodice. End up, having trouble putting it all together and confused how it should be.

So, I stop sewing it so as not to massacre the fabric more.

My bad! I should have read beforehand Anna's /Paunnet post in sewing the muslin.

a clearer version on how I awfully constructed it.

Lessons learned:

1. Don't be too excited to sew when your not sure about the construction.
2. Read instructions properly and Wait for the expert to explain it well.
3. Don't sew when your hungry, feeling sad and do not have someone to look after the children.
4. Keep calm and you can sew......again!
5. Believe that there is always hope/chances in everything. LOL

Sorry, If I massacred my muslin. I will be giving a clearer and hopefully accurate construction on this next post.

Wish me still luck!


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