Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The flight of the Dandelions

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Even when we grow up, we still whisper our wishes upon the wind, as a child does in innocence, breathing their wishes at a dandelion.

In the Victorian-era Language of the Flowers - dandelion means "Wishes come true".
To most people, a dandelion is simply a bother – a weed, but for others it is something that means a lot to them – something magical.
Ever since I was a kid, I was told that those fluffy and feathery white dandelions that float around in the wind are called wishes and that if you catch one you have to make a wish.
Most of us have blown a dandelion at some point and time in our life. It was amazing to watch the dandelion seeds fly through the air. It can be a symbol to remind us to enjoy every moment that we are blessed to have.
True fulfillment comes in the journey towards our destination.
Why is it that sometimes we resist what we want? It seems silly to resist doing things when it gets us to our goal?
At each destination, I always felt as if something was missing. And when I felt something was missing, I tried to add things in (like travel to other places or food trip or going shopping for a new wardrobe) or worst giving up what I currently have. Surely, these things would make me feel satisfied - but I was wrong.
What has been missing all along was really right in front of me. It was the journey, each moment. I realized I have the choice to enjoy each moment of my life. True fulfillment comes when I enjoy now – want I have and be thankful for it.
Each roadblock or challenge is part of my journey. If everything was perfect, I wouldn't have the opportunity to grow and continue to grow.
Like every blown of the dandelions, it shows that life is delicate and we only have one chance to make the most of it.
When you look at a field of dandelions you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes.
During its bloom, the beautiful white dandelion stands proudly above all the grass and weeds. No matter who you are or your age, at one time or another - we have closed our eyes, made the wish, and waiting with anticipation - hoping our dream would come true.
In life, we have so many tools around us to prepare - our memories, our knowledge, our work, our family, our friends and our special someone. This speaks to Dandelion's ability to adapt to its environment, no matter how challenging. Dandelion’s magic is the magic of adaptation.
Dandelion is symbolic of the kind of magic that gently and firmly changes those conditions that no longer serve its environment. Dandelion’s magic is the magic of practical, gentle, and intentional transformation.
Dandelion's bright yellow flowers open the morning with the sun's first light and close again in the evening, giving it a strong sun affinity. The bright yellow means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses - that it can be good again!
Many people believe that if you blow every seed of the dandelion off while thinking of a loved one, it means that they love you back. Another legend is that if you pick one seed off the bloom and concentrate every ounce of love you feel for someone and them blow it in the direction of where you loved one is, they will feel your love. Conversely, if you then blow on the bloom and there is at least one remaining seed on it, it means your loved one is thinking of you too. The floral meaning of the dandelion is that it is a gift to a loved one that will provide happiness and is a promise of total faithfulness.
Dandelion asks us to be equally aware of the conditions under which we can best use the power we have. It is a plant that asks us to share our energies and ourselves with our communities or organizations (like Toastmasters) in an effort to nourish the world and the people that surround us.
The thing about dandelions is that they are such a strong part of youth. Every child can't resist them. And something like this reminds us that there is joy in youth that ought to be cherished and not lost when we're older.
I love dandelions. I’ve loved them since I was a child – its magic puts smiles on my face. Our smiles will bring happiness to us and to those around us.
If you saw one dandelion growing, pick it up, blow, make a wish and acknowledge it.
Don’t stop wishing and dreaming because -
According to Paulo Coelho author of “The Winner Stands Alone”,
“If I did, there would be no meaning to my life.”

(That was beautifully written by my cousin Ramces Dungog for his  International Toastmaster's Club speech)
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