Thursday, July 04, 2013

That facebook

Thursday, July 04, 2013
After days of battling whether I'll totally deactivate my facebook account, at last I succeeded. YES! so please, don't tempt me anymore to add you or telling me to like you in your facebook page, for I can't do that anymore.  

Somehow and in someway, someone convinced me that living in private is the best thing, so you won't stress yourself out to people who only wants, if they get a lot of likes and nice comments in their postings. For sometimes, I'm so blatant, sadist and straightforward with my commentaries. I'm just being honest. If I like you, I will like you. I am nice! don't get me wrong anyway. Just that, I wanted to be honest (not at all times though) with what I see and feel. And that's how I would want you to treat me as well. 

Liking me and you in facebook? no way!

For Filipinos, facebook is a major thing. For we are sociable...most of the time. Though, I'd like to be defensive that it really helps if your living far from home. Homesickness gone in an instant with facebook.

If there could have been facebook addiction injection for sure a lot would really line up for to get a shot.

You like?

Majority of my Polish friends here don't have facebook. That, they find me amusing and entertaining whenever in our coffee sessions I shared some pieces of funny stuffs I discovered while facebooking. Like, how one can be addicted to LIKES or there's always a competition of thumbs up over there. Mostly, likes to post stuffs they've got either personal, intimate and or just to get hitched with the society. I know it's basic human nature to feel they belong. And so, they are doing that somehow to feel accepted by everyone for they've got the most expensive, nicest stuff one wants to have in this entire planet. Call me KJ (kill joy), OA (over acting) or plainly old Jane but that's what I feel and I am. 

Am I in the edge of dealing with midlife crisis? I'm in my mid 30's though ( alright, enough honesty) Of course, no wonder I could feel somewhat this way. Sometimes, I feel like I needed to secure myself away from the public and what others really expects me to do. And stressing myself with people's expectations is a whole bunch of wrinkles for sure showing up on my face. So, shutting down my facebook account is one whole great solution for me to stay young and free. 

Going back to my Polish friends, Yeah! they don't have facebook and they don't consider having one in the future. They told me maybe if they've got all the time in their hands, they may think of opening one. But mostly, time are wisely spent here by working, taking care of young children if with kids, cleaning up the entire house including the windows, changing curtains every week, wiping the dust off their teapots, teacups and cutleries, I don't find these amusing but for the sake of killing time, I'd like to consider it as a new hobby - the dusting off the teapots and teacups every now and then. Of course when sunny and warm, they like to do sunbathing - worshipping the sun and meet friends for coffee and tea. For luxuries Poles, they spend a lot of time traveling in between holiday breaks. And that makes me wondering and doubtful if they really have a major issue of salary in here.  I like the traveling thing actually. Why? for as young as they are, they are tested and train to be independent travelers. For second to third grader Poles, aged more or less 8-9 years old, they have this thing in school called green tour, these school kids go somewhere far from parents and family and only with their teachers.  I find it interesting for I remember when I was in that age, I couldn't even go to the city center where we lived for my parents are afraid that I might be robbed, mugged or raped. This is a Filipino issue and need to be discuss in a different post.  With this culture, I'm preparing my daughter to be an independent traveler as early as now. With my Polish friends disliking having facebook, I respect them so much. For, I know life in general is already stressful much more interacting with everyone in this social networking world. And hey, for sure they are reading this post. I salute you guys! You made me realized that being just who you are, being individualistic is what still makes you as a person. You don't need a piece of likings from someone just to be IN. But, showing what and who are you with your honest dealings with everyone online and offline, is an amazing thing. 

Facebook is an end thing for me now. I learned all the piece of shit in there and that makes me not convinced anymore to go back. For I know, most close friends who truly knows me and wanted to connects with me, knows where to contact me.  

The hell with facebook! It sucks and it does not get any better.

* laughing scarcastically

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