Monday, September 14, 2015

Probably the best way to learn the Polish language

Monday, September 14, 2015

Crisp wind, leaves slowly changing its colours...despite that, it was still a wonderful day today. 

Second week of language school started. Today, there are quite few new faces in my classes. I could see some of them quite surprised, albeit amused.Maybe at the back of their mind,  How on earth I came here in this part of the world. It's not surprising anymore. 

It's been awhile not blogging. Way too busy...(not an excuse again) . To be honest, I'm losing some kind of motivation to write, what to write and how to start writing the topics lining up in my mind. I'd like to say, some creative juices needs to be squeezed out a little bit more or I need to push myself (if that's the appropriate word) some more to regularly blog about something that strikes my fancy here. As promised, I don't want to write some more personal issues again except reflective thoughts about life in general. 

Alright, I started a series about my last trip in the Dolni Sląsk region of Poland. I haven't finished sharing my views in that trip. Although, I kind of  thinking that it's rather too old/spoiled...rotten piece of topic to share it now. Perhaps or maybe it's still worth sharing, I have to save a one whole post for that to end that serial. 

Meanwhile, to update you with my Polish...ahem! ahem! It's still horribly not good. But, I'm giving myself a target, that by next year I could speak at least plainly in Polish when conversing with my friends. To be honest, I'm trying my very best to really speak the language as much as I can when I am out of home. As you all know, we're practicing bilingualism at home. What motivates me to really, really improve my Polish it's because of my children. They are both now in primary school and not all the time my husband's can attend to their needs in school. Mostly, I'm very hands on to them and most times they are with me. Also, so I could really go around all by myself without anybody's help or interpreter. 

Today, I've found... probably a better solution to learn Polish the easiest way.... by talking to old people. 

Looking at this video, it just inspires me to try this trick. Speaking exchange.. it's a win-to-win game. We're both learning not only the language but as well as connecting...learning wisdom from old people.

Here's the link though...

I would surely recommend this method and share this project to my English language students. In that way, they would try to find some kind of buddy to practice their manner of speaking in English other than learning in the language school. Or probably, make this as sort of a project.

Starting tomorrow, I am on a quest.... to find a babcia (grandma) or a dziadek (grandpa) that I can talk with in purely Polish language from time to time. This is probably the best way and solution for me to learn the Polish language.


What do u think? And, if you could recommend anybody to be my language exchange buddy, that would be brilliant. 

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