Sunday, May 14, 2017

number 28

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wooohooot!!! Number 28..Yes! That's me. my race number, and I won't ever forget this number.

Where I've been? and where would I begin. What's with that number anyway.

Whew, been awhile not blogging and writing in here. Oh well, the truth is I'm trying to live in the present. away from everything. It works great! You find more your focus and simply you became more productive. 

Alright, let me talk about my first grand prix/ race run. Shall we?

May 7, 2017 : First running race
I never knew that running can make me sane. Although I am really a person who always look after myself physically. As much as possible, I always try to indulge myself into whatever physical activity that would make me happy and healthy.
 But with running, it gave me such euphoria..such kind of pleasure and joy. It's true serotonin level really goes high when you're body is physicallly active, much more with running. 

We arrived at the park in a happy atmosphere with bunch of people in all ages. The race is for all. From pre schoolers to seniors. 

Here's my face half-way of the 5km race. I'm not well when I run in here. Just that I fully committed months before the race and since I wanted to tick one goal of my running, to run my first race in the city where I live. So, I took the risk and run.

exhausted and happy..i don't know face

 It was a chilly and windy Sunday morning, yet good enough to run. However, I suffered from colds while running. I felt my nostrils is shut. Instead of making the 5km to 20 mins, I made it a bit longer from the average I used in running.

Here I am with the team. This is the women's category I'm in.

Medal ceremony

Group picture

The kids category gives me so much fun. I like how these kids are so motivated to win and run.
 The men's category. They're pro-runners I think.

Overall, it was a great first league of the race. Such race is actually a wonderful idea to motivate the locals to do some physical activity and to gather group of runners/joggers alike. 
What I love about such race is that, it gave me a feeling of motivation and being challenged, while having fun, and return with a feeling of accomplishment. I could say, I have accomplished one thing in running. Although, I could still not consider myself as a runner. Maybe someday.

In Poland, people really look after themselves both physically and mentally. I could see that. And they are doing it with much grace. I am happy and fortunate to live in a place where the community always organize such running activity and other sports.
Recently, I discovered Park Run in Poland. Park Run is a popular running community all over the world. I'm glad to be part of Park Run Katowice, where running in a 5km is organized every Saturday morning from 9:00 to 10:00am. And, it is free! I would blog about this separately. 

With no much ado, I highly recommend you to try joing small races in the city where you live here in Poland and try to indulge into running on your own. I always run by myself and I love it.

Oh, see you in my next league of the race..that's in a week.

Until here... more about my running journey next time. (i hope you don't mind) :-)



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