Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busy & waiting

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
So busy with life these days. That is why I wasn't able to update write a blog the past days. Though there are lots of things in my mind that I would want to share here but sometimes couldn't think of time to set infront of pc and engrave something to share. The past weekends were filled of doing stuff for our coming baby. We needed to complete things before my due date. just want to relax weeks before my birthing and wait for baby to knock in my tummy and will give me sign that 'hey mommy i want to go out now'...
So thankful to those blogger friends who is so kind taking there time to drop by my site and wish me all the best in my soon birthing. For sure, y'all are excited too to see me babbling here about my baby's arrival. Rest assured that most blogs would be babbles about my baby and new life as a mother. Now, I am learning the art of motherhood and a household manager. A new challenging task for me and yet I know more fulfilling than just working in the stressful world in an office. I still don't know what's ahead of me as a mom. But one thing I am quite sure of, I am willing to learn the whole thing of being one. Excited and yet nervous of the new task I am going to face. Everybody told me it will be alright..that I would be a good mom..that I was not given such task if im not capable of being one. Well, we will see.....Wish me luck!
So now, I am busy and waiting for my little greatest life..and my love!
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