Monday, June 25, 2007

Not a busy Sunday...

Monday, June 25, 2007
It was not really a busy Sunday. We see to it that Sunday's will just be spent at home and with family. All the days of the week will be for work and things that needs to be done before Sunday. That's what I learned & been practicing now here in Poland, to value more your Sunday time just at home and with family. In fact here, most shops is closed on a Sunday except for big malls. As early as Saturday afternoon, all shops will be close at 2p.m. and resume operation on a Monday...and entirely no more work on a Saturday. See.... there is balance of time and managing your life here. Although, it's really up to you how you would want to manage your time and life. People here lived a busy life too....but one thing I just like in here is that people really take time to unwind inspite the busy days at work...and that is weekend for family and being with friends. And that's what I am experiencing here now. Unlike before, most of my time was just spent at work. Working...working...working...even sometimes on a Sunday. Especially my job before demands me to travel so it really demands most of my time...and still I end up broke...tired & bored! There were even times I don't have the time to talk to some people in the house 'cuz either I saw them sleeping or out in the house too. I don't like to live such life again....Never! As much as possible now, weekends will just be exclusively for my family. The most now, that I have my own family & starting to build a wonderful family life.

And so last Sunday, after attending an afternoon holy mass I suggested to G to go some park just to take a walk. Oh well, I remember that we pass by a place days ago where I saw a small there I suggested to G to go there. G told me there's nothing special there except for that small lake. And so I said, oh well let's go 'cuz i find the lake amusing and interesting. So we went there since it is just near our place.

Take a look at some of the pics there...

The ducks in the lake...happily gliding and swimming.

And the pretty preggy me...heheh!

And the place where G wants to go when he wants a complete silence & just be alone...a nearby hilly side of our place where you can see a full look of our place.

Well, that's my Sunday...not an ordinary Sunday for me but special one for my family and me. Not a busy do you like that?

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