Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer dream

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Feeling Hot, hot, hot!

Summer time once again..... I could feel the heat & the breeze of summer. One thing I would surely miz this summer is the beach. Really miz the beach, the sand and sun! Who would not miz it when you are living in a place where beaches..resorts located miles away. Another thing, I am very much pregnant and be spending most of my time soon with my little baby. With that, vacation and travelling has to be put in the back seat. Besides, we are still trying to finish our space & everything for baby. But, I really would like G to take some vacation and just relax..I know how hard & tired he was for the past months. He needed much relaxation without thinking of anything else in the house and with me. But as we always talked about our plans and other things in our life...we need to take it slowly. We will have a great vacation in will be more fun because we are no longer spending it together but with our baby.

Yes, I have lots of summer fantacies now....I have lots of things in mind and plans how to spend summer with G. But then again, all these plans will only be a summer dream. All our plans now are set for baby's coming. After all, we can still spend our summer together in a simple way perhaps like having a simple barbecue in our house or that watching the sunsets while walking hand in hand. We may not have that grandiose & special summer vacation, but the important thing is we are together this summertime.

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