Saturday, July 07, 2007

Yesterday's family date & some baby stuff

Saturday, July 07, 2007
Yesterday after G came home from work, we went to his Aunt's house to meet his cousin who now lives in Germany. They never had the chance to see each other for quite a long time and so as with very first time to meet them. On our way there, G remind me that it would going to be a pure polish conversation, that I have to understand if he can't interpret all conversations to me in english. And I said, It's OK since I can understand a little least! But I still can't converse in pure straight polish words. I really need to take my time and probably review my Polish language course again...hmmmm! G, is telling me ahead while walking on the way to his Aunt's house so I will not be out of place in the conversation and maybe so I may not get bored. Anyways, when we were there, oh it was a warm conversation actually over a cup of coffee & tea. After a long years of not seeing each other, who would not talk a lot about things and life. They were reminiscin the good old funny times and of course asking me about my coming here & telling them about my place...Philippines. What was also in the topic is of course our coming baby. They were excited too..I could see that...'cuz there would be another member of the family. And so, they gave us one box as gift for our baby. It was a box full of baby's stuff...different baby clothes, breastfeeding bottle & some other baby accessories. G & I simply love it and we're happy not only because we could save a little in buying baby's stuff but it was indeed a blessing.

Before midnight strikes, we bid our goodbyes & goodnights. It was a wonderful evening...We don't know when will we meet them again...for sure we will keep in touch.

And these are the baby gifts we got yesterday......

9 more days to go as of today & we will be up close & personal with our baby...yepey! Here's a preview of our baby's crib (wink). I guess we are ready now for our baby's coming...and my hospital bag is now ready too..contains stuff I will be using in the hospital as well for my baby. So am I ready or not? What do you think? :-)

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