Friday, August 31, 2007

Blogging while I can

Friday, August 31, 2007
It takes me sometime now to update my blog. Most times is with baby Iza and that I cannot leave her. She is so dependent on me and been fussing almost all the time these days. That is another test of my patience. Anyways, here I am trying to blog a little while baby is sleeping. Shhhhh!
They are really right, that having a baby will change your world. That is what happening to me now. I am a newbie in these field of motherhood. Learning everything even the smallest things about having a baby. As much as I want to enjoy it but there are really times that i can't help it but complain...'bout no enough sleep, don't know how to calm down my baby and that so tired carrying her all day. Those are some of my complains..and i know that those are just few of the more coming events of being a mother. I am still on the first stage actually. And still have a long way to go...
My baby turns one month more now and I could see some changes on her at this stage. She knows how to giggles now with wide open mouth and of course crying as loud as she could if she needs something or feels something that we fails to understand. But over all, she is a very adorable baby. She definitely knocks my heart off. Everyday I am in love with her...I can't take my eyes off her. Her cute little smile, her crying somewhat are the music to my ears now. She inspires me more each day to enjoy life more and that I could see the love in her existence.
Blogging while I can..but I have to stop now baby is fussing..shhhhhh!
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