Thursday, September 06, 2007

Polish life and all that jazz...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Saying goodbye to summer is quite sad coz when you live in a cold place, summer season is what we usually looked forward every year. I never had the chance to spend wisely my summer this year coz of my pregnancy and birthing..but for sure i'll be enjoying it the more next year when baby would be bigger and can walk probably.

Cold air is here again..which means we have to say goodbye to summer and embrace the cold season again(winter). I guess autumn is early this year. I just hope snow will not come that early..hmmmm! Although weather is really unpredictable... Sometimes too cold and the next day too hot (weird isn't it?). The cold September air reminds me too that the holidays are coming. 'Ber' months are seasons we usually looked forward in Pinas which means a moolah is coming from that bonuses you got from employers and gifts from friends and loved ones are among the things so special we would want to receive at this times (christmas).

Poland has been my home for more than a year now. And that, I missed a lot of family members birthdays, parties, fiestas, christmas and new years dinner (which i really looked forward every year). Living away from home for the past months is not been easy for me. There goes tons of adjustments not only from the weather but mostly from the language and the culture as well. Though I may say, I am fully adjusted to polish lifestyle now (we'll see). I just needed to learn fluently the polish language but I think it will still take me a lifetime to learn this complicated language :=( (i need help to polish my polish!)

First few months of being away from home is like living a life of a monk... in solitude. It wasn't all that bad though.I am not saying I am living a boring life here. It's just that everything is so silent and seems peaceful here. You've got a fresh touch of nature and smell fresher air. While life in Pinas is chaotic yet the fun goes with it. I am enjoying my being a foreighner here (not only you got recognition..heheh! sikat!) but because its been my pervent wish to at least live a silent life away from maddening crowd (di ako artista sa Pinas ah..)..its just that, I am living a lifestyle to be always with people coz i usually work and commune with people at work and in the community (my work demands me that so much). I am a social person and that my being extrovert turns into an exclusive just me. I am glad so glad to live away from everyone now. No more hazzles, problems of other people to think about (which really gives me so much stress). All i have now, is this little one, G and my exclusive Polish life. I am enjoying every bits of my time and lovin it so much! Holidays are coming and there's so much more reason to celebrate coz we are now complete as a family...having Izabela.

I am still polishing my Polish life..that makes it more interesting... isn't it?
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