Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Life with baby"

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
How to be a mom? How is it to nourish a small one?

Before I had a baby, I had always th ought of myself as a capable person..a jack of all trades. But after my daughter Izabela was born, my can-do attitude went out the window. Normally confident, I could not imagine how I would care for a new baby and what I was supposed to do with her all day long. I dreaded seeing the door close as G hurried to catch the time headed for work all day. I wondered if flinging myself at his feet would stop him from leaving me alone for 10 hours or more with my lovely but oh-so-dependent baby. Sometimes, I was thinking of packing my things and headed back home to ask sympathy from mom. The used to be so glamorous so concious me, now seeing myself with breast milk drips all over my clothes, and can't barely remember to bathe or wash my face... Most times is with baby because I am responsible for her care, nourishment, safety and stimulation of my baby. Really overwhelming isn't it? I think for first mom like me it's a natural to feel this way. But I have to learn on my own. I loved Izabela and we had our blissful moments together, but I was frightened by the responsibility and daunted by the drudgery of caring for her all the time, and overwhelmed by the newness of it all.

I am learning...and still has a long way to go with my new responsibilty as a parent.

Any tips out there?
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