Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Con te partiro - I'll go with you

Tuesday, October 09, 2007
The psychedelic weird me strikes back again.

Recently, my thoughts lingers more on the passing of time. I do not know why, but i have this certain fear inside of me. Fear - that my world will be over and that I am still not ready. Oh whew, I had this weird thoughts ' coz recently some relatives just passed unprepared. Everytime, I heard stories about someone saying goodbye forever I can't help being emotional. After all, I really love life and I treasure every person I met and even If I don't know the person personally. I believe that people are gifts from God and that we have to value each one. It's really hard to lose someone - especially if that someone is so close to your heart. Believe me, I've lose someone so close to me...two of them passed away and really breaks my heart. It takes me years to recover and i know till now I still long for them. But then, there's nothing I can do but to finally let them go and accept the fact that they can be with me anymore in all my achievements in life. I don't break down on broken relationships, when it comes to losing someone forever especially part of my family...I am so emotional. Sometimes, It's so pathetic that the ones you wish to be ejected in the world are the ones who still stay for long..and the ones you thought will still stay for long are the ones who will say goodbye so suddenly..and caught you unprepared. Hmmm...maybe the one they're saying ' ang masamang damo ay di madaling mamatay' is true.

After all our long journey in life, we only have one final destination - to be with our creator. NOw, I just have to trust more on my faith and accept the fact that all of us will come to our final end...we just have to be prepared all the time so we will be in God's midst.

Now, call me if my thoughts is weird.
The title itself is pretty of the best songs of Andrea Bocelli which i like.

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