Monday, October 15, 2007

Purpose of living

Monday, October 15, 2007
That's why maybe we all not perfect so we all have the chance and still have a room to grow...opportunity to improve ourselves better. There were times we couldn't stop asking why we're here and what's the purpose of living. I asked myself many times and still got no real answers. These are just seemingly one of the may questions we kept on asking ourselves and been seeking for long time.
I confided a friend today..though I'm way too far from her I'm still trying to connect with her 'coz I know she's one who easily gets confused on things. Recent dilemma is about living life alone.. dealing with loneliness. Yes it's not easy to deal with loneliness. When it pricks you it really can kill you. Talking about so many things usually end up reassissing our life whereabouts. Me, now happily married and she's freely single but lonely. I tried to assure her that things with be alright if she just believes on one thing - being with herself and just enjoy beign free and single. But then still friend insisted that loneliness kills her at this time. I do not know how to answer her with all those questions she's throwing at me. For most of those are one that she can only answer. I assured her I am listening to her and truly understand what she's going through. And that is the only way I can be of help to listen and give her some sorts of my life's experience - lessons learned.
When one is asking life's purpose, i think it is a way for that person to know more & discovering her purpose of living. It is a gateway for her to discover the masked she wears on her faces...and a way to woke up from a long time of dreaming in the broad day light. One may not be happy but at least, trying to move on and unleashed the gap that blocked the wall to discover the real essence of once existence.
I may not perfectly answer her but sharing to her my innermost thoughts, is i guess the best thing I can offer her for now. After all, I am here for here till this time....
How about you, do you already know your purpose? It's hard to answer it, right? Don't keep on searching for it....look inside your heart for sure it is there.
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