Thursday, October 18, 2007


Thursday, October 18, 2007
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Would you like to sit on that bench?

It must be more wonderful and even romantic if your sitting in that bench with is nice to share different topic & things together. Oh, I can imagine! sitting on each others lap... reading a good book or watching those leaves fall down from those trees. Whew! it's autumn once again..time to be more romantic and passionate with someone.

Autumn is one of the romantic season of the year. It's cozy ambiance, that leaves changing its color- adds more beauty and magnificent attraction to once romantic soul. That's why, it's really more meaningful to share that sit with someone. So both can witness the changing of season. Seasons may change, at least you are with each other. It's like LIFE, one may stand the test of time or one may go away that soon. Whilst you are with that someone share something what you have... what you can give,...what you would want to say or else it maybe too late. Grab each chance and opportunity to sit with that & laugh out loud as if there's no tomorrow and enjoy each others company. There's more in life than dwell on the past & worries on something. Take time to inhale and embrace that awesome beauty of the world that our maker gives to us. After all, we are here to enjoy and live with it. Don't let the day pass by without enjoying it. Let tomorrow take its place and be ready for what it is. Love life and love more..... That's how it is to be sitting with someone. Now, grab a sit and ask that someone to sit with you...that person may not be special to you but in the process of sharing you'll know & learn from each other. Opps! I need to grab mine too..... so long!
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