Monday, December 10, 2007

Managing roles

Monday, December 10, 2007
As much as i want to post an entry in my blog as often as i want but some important roles needs prior attention. If there could have been a remote control that in just one click of a finger we can change and do things instantly...i would really buy one.

There has been many changes in my life and I am needing to remind myself to make time for the things that bring me balance, such as designing, reading and writing.

In the last few months I have...

-Been so down and itching to be home in the far away tropics
-Cried a record high
-Began mentoring all moms in the world esp. my mom
Thinking of a new project to do at home for the holidays and the coming events
-Contemplated what to do if i go back or changing carreers
-Learned how to be a better cook to hubby
-Struggled with how to handle dealing with a 4months old baby who is growing so fast
-Taken out my stress on people that love me
-Tried to push myself away from people because the narcissistic me strikes again
-Been a friend
-Been a caring and more loving daughter to my mom
-Been impatient and frustrated wifey to him all talks about how lonely i am (geesh its all in my head, i realized that now.)

We all play different roles in our lives. I know I do. Often, it's a challenge to always be on top of your game on so many different realms, with so many different people and relationships, in so many different circumstances and states of mind. On top of assuming the responsibilities of your different roles, it's an additional task altogether to ensure you have proper life and health balance.

One solution that will help handle everything is to set a routine of the fundamentals that you should do every week that take care of YOU first. Set time before bed three times a week to read, do a life talks at best with your mate (im trying to do that often now to hubby) exclusive only dinner or out with hubby once a week without tagging along our little one, etc..

You cannot change the world, other people, relationships, etc. if your core is not healthy and stable enough first and foremost.

Now, how do u manage your roles?
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