Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fine day like yesterday

Thursday, January 24, 2008
Happy fine day everyone!

Another day, another life to share with everyone we love.

Yesterday was quite a nice day. Mr. Sunshine came out with all glee inspite of the snow that drops that night. It was tempting to go out and take a walk in the sun. But when I checked on the temperature it is freaking cold because it is quite windy. Not a good way to walk with baby. Stayed home as usual, played with baby and do the usual days routine. Quite monotous my day was but then I am lovin it.

Some pictures of yesterday taken just by my window....just in the neighborhood.

Despite of the ugly my feeling yesterday, i felt cozy in the sofa maybe to the minor cramps that lurking in my stomach yet till now i still have a little pain. It will be gone away soon...

Today, what's up for today? Nah! no special. What I am looking forward is weekend with just the three of us..hubby, baby and me! Naks! it is the only way where we can be more cozy in our nook. Giggling with G with how our baby talk now as if we can now understand all her talkings.

Today, just another fine day like yesterday.
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