Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Morning greetings to all!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Good morning tea! good morning world! Here we go....

Here I am trying to scribble some notes...time check, still exactly 7am. Too early for me to get up in bed and greeting the world now with these scribbles. Anyway, I just want to chill myself that early. I wanted to feel the early morning mist. For u to know, I'm not a morning person. And i need somebody to wake me up in, my baby izabela is my great morning alarm clock.

It's raining again! Geesh!

Temperature is getting warmer this winter. Hope it is spring time soon. I am excited to see the colorful beauty of the world again. Spring time is happy time. More colors, more sunshine and gives a feeling of new hope. I can't wait to wear a thin clothing without much layers on my body. Winter is tiring when you have to put on lots of clothings.. layers by sometimes cranks me. I'm not a morning person much more I am not a cold person. That goes to show that I am a warm blooded animal..whheheeh!

What's up with me today? that i do not know. One thing for sure, I am grateful for another brandnew day. Today is a gift and I have to spend it wisely with great love and hope in my heart. Each waking morning, there is this excitement inside of me. I do not know why. But it is a clear indication that I am truly happy inside out. One friend said, it shows in my face that marriage and motherhood gives me more contentment in life. It is true...really so true. If there could have been one thing I want that is only good health for everyone and show more love to each one.

Oh, morning is getting brighter. Hoping that there would be sunshine today. Winter sheets is inviting me now to be back in bed and get some more snooze.

Hey, it is a new morning! Spend the day wisely and happy.

Dzien dobry (good morning in polish) everyone!
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