Friday, February 15, 2008

Crafty talks on a winter Friday

Friday, February 15, 2008
Yesterday was a great day! Everyone is painting the town red expressing love in different ways. Mine was a great one too...a wonderful time celebrating the day of the hearts with my life's treasures. Hope you had a wondeful time too!

Anyhow, these days I am too busy doing some handmade craft. I have projects filing up and I have to finish the one i just started few days ago - this POINTY KITTY by Hilary Lang at weewonderfuls . I will not post how it would look like and what it is all about to keep you excited to check it soon. But I am telling you it is an easy project just needs ample time and patience. I hope this week I will finish my labor of love so I can start the next one.

Next in my list of projects to do is this fadengrafix introduced to me by my Polish girlfriend Paulina. Here's the sample tutorial:

I think crafting projects makes my idle time at home more ethusiastic and to get myself away from bad thinking (u know what I mean when your living far from home) especially on a winter time. So much so, It is a time to practice again my passion in the field of arts and designing. My mind works more in that instance. More post about crafty things next time. Happy Friday!

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