Friday, March 28, 2008

Relation of holy week & my tonsilitis

Friday, March 28, 2008
Exactly I am on so tired after the holy week. Holy week is indeed always a great retreat for my soul. This year and last year, I did not spent it in St. John's monastery where I usually find solace and rest away from work. But actually, it is the only place in my country where I can find isolation from the real world - from the noisy asian city life & busy life in the office. Since this year I'm now here, we just spend it at home with our 8 months old baby. Though, I find the confines of our home a great sanctuary to rejuvenate and rest since it's cozy and the ambiance is really great with kapusta (cabbage) in the background. True, we are surrounded with kapusta plantation. No wonder some named our place kapusta capital. And on summer you will be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes. That is why I can't wait for summer. If you don't know, I lived in a small village from a small city just near Katowice and not that far from Krakow (if you been to Poland you know where i am ). So, i get a full view of polish practices, traditions and culture. It is an opportunity for me to learn new things. And really right! everyday I am experiencing new things here. I could say I am adopting the culture (no choice!) since I now lived here and I came to love the place.

Why I'm tired? so tired after celebrating Polish easter. Why?! maybe because .... Eating so many eggs, ham, kiełbasa (polish sausage) & lots of sweets. Oh ! really I find myself so full of fats these days that I want to scream and say ENOUGH! Really that's why I am tired and quite sick. I need to get the fats out of my system....plzzz! tell me how. Walking..walking! That's all i need i guess. I miz fresh vegetables, fish. Please don't let me eat more meat. Whew!

TonsilitisToday, I am experiencing outbreak of my tonsils - I guess It gets infected and i can't swallow some foods coz it is painful. This is tonsilitis! Ngek! So, this is what I get after eating too much fats & sweets. Now, I'm stuck! ( sorry that pic is so yucky to look at)

That's all for today folks! tell you more about my stupidity next time....Bye!
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