Thursday, April 24, 2008

HELP! I need YOU!

Thursday, April 24, 2008
I am experiencing a little problem with my blogspot site..this site you are viewing now. I don't know why. But, i could not see my other templates of page elements on the right side of my site. If your viewing my site right now, comment me if you can see some of the features here . All i can see is my clock, my photos, that link of litratong pinoy and my chitchat box..other than that, no more! Actually so stupid. What is the possible reason. No matter how I tried to view it either with IE or with mozilla it is the same. There was a day where i got a message from my chitchat box to view some there link and found it its some kind of a hoax. I find it so stupid for some to post something like those...i don't like someone trying to invade my territory and just basically ruin everything. I suspect, it was that link that makes this whole layout a mess. I coudn't even visit my blogger friends or make a blog hop since i can't see now my blogroll section. That makes me sad. Can somebody help me why this happen? and please if you want to make a comment on my chatbox don't make any hoax. I am seriously putting up this page. Please be considerate. Now, i don't have the mood to post or write. that makes me want ot transfer to a new house in the net...officially soon. I maybe, making a haircut of this site pretty soon. I am trying to design a new layout or a header. But for the meantime, please do help me. Thank you so much!
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