Thursday, April 17, 2008

Looking for my purpose

Thursday, April 17, 2008
Sometimes in our life we ponder for what is exactly the meaning of our existence. The purpose of everything. We need an allies to keep us going. We look up to some whom we called our mentors, to inspire us. We seek forgiveness, so we will be accepted with who & what we are. We needed those to fully exist and function normally, perhaps to discover our greatest purpose.

As to how far can we climb in order to reach the thing we are seeking for? Some took limitless & tireless effort just to get what is needed. For some, they ultimately wanting the best material possession, to get high respect in the society. Some only needs the ordinary things. For them it is enough ticket to be happy.

As far me, I am still on the edge of contemplating of what I really want. I have certain goals that I would want to achieve in the future. Slowly, slowly I am taking my steps...Usually doubtful steps. There were apprehensions whether I'll go with some decisions or not. Despite the fact, I am aware that everything involves risk. Anyhow, still trying to weigh and hold on in order to balance both areas of life - Myself & others. As much, I'd like to be successful on both. MYSELF - With my goals, dreams and wanting to acquire not only materially but spiritually. OTHERS - where my devotion & love to my family is my priority. I am so ambitious when it comes to their needs and hoping I could fully sustain them not only materially but emotionally. I know how hard it is to do both. It's how you control & manage things.

To fully function, i guess I need all of these:

I need to redefine myself. Yes! I need to take a look of myself in a full view mirror so as to know what flaws needs further renovation and CHANGES. That goes also redefining my goals & what is just needed to keep me going.

I have to changed my self image. Not only do the mirroring myself but ask others to mirror with me.

Keep myself focused. No matter what happens never give up on things. Go & take a big leap!

Live with passion. Passion is a way to make you get interested & motivated. For sure, it will it be a boring journey if I do things with passion. I truly believe that if we live and do things with passion everything with be too easy to follow.

There it goes. I have to live up to each challenges. Just have to be determined & never look back. Failure come along to keep the fuel of challenge burning. Hope what was listed listed above, could take & lead me to my purpose.

I know the road to get there is rough with lots of curves and holes, to stop me not to move on. I just have to pursue it, coupled with great determination, there's no doubt I'll get to see the end of the road which is my purpose.

* Cheers*
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