Wednesday, April 02, 2008

ME time

Wednesday, April 02, 2008
However you celebrate your day, take time to relax and just be with yourself. As for me, I have all the time in the world to relax since I am managing my own time. But then, with an active baby in tow I could not have the time to relax and have some fun. I could not even run things on my own without asking helf from G. That is the usual set up since too, I am a foreighner in these Polish land and still learning to speak the language.

Some friends thought that so lucky of me, not working...not getting all the stresses at work...having a grand time on my own and living a luxuries life. Oh well, they are all not right. Yes, I don't get the stresses & pressures at work but get tired managing & taking care of my little baby too. I have all the time and yet not grand time doing things just for myself, mostly learning to manage the household. And definitely, I am not living a luxurious life. When luxury they mean is when your living outside your home country, having a good time spending every pennies shopping, partying...I only get to do those whenever I can or that it's worth it. A big NO! since I am exactly sharing and reaching my life to the two greatest person in my life - G & baby Iza. My world just revolve around the two of them.

Precisely, I am managing my own time. As much as possible, I would see to it I get to have time also for myself. Simple & ordinary things that i can just be on my own. I call this ME' time.

These are the things I called ME' time.

> trying & experimenting on new recipes ( cooking! where kitchen is my office.)
> taking my time in the bathroom
> reading (anything that can enriched my soul & updates me with what's the latest)
> do some arts works
> sleeping
> listening to music
> eating slowly & not thinking about how many calories i'm taking ( especially with chocolates..i so love it)
> watching dvd or movies with G
> complete silence and in the dark room
> talking & laughing in the chatroom with family
> nursing moments with baby Izabela
> heartwarming & humbling talks with G over a cup of coffee or tea ( the best!)
> and writing blogs like this...( i can be more of myself)

Those are just ordinary things but it is where I can do myself at its best.

How about you? hope you get to have ME' time.

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