Friday, May 16, 2008

Cool to be a mom

Friday, May 16, 2008

My baby will be turning 10 months old this week. Time flies so fast. It seems it was just yesterday when I gave birth and hold her first time in my arms. Now, she's getting clever and learning new tricks. Everyday is a new discovery. Having her around is so much fun. She knows how to tickle our bones just to keep us alive and get away with how tired the day was.

Everytime she's sleeping, i'm always looking at her up close as to how beautiful she is. She got some looks from me and more from her dad. She's more polish like than asian. But they say, the eyes is more likely from me. Oh whew! hubby likes it while i like her to have blue eyes. Sometimes, i fancy when time comes that she can be independent from me and will no longer like my presence. As of now, she doesn't want to be away from me. Separation anxiety overpower her as well that stranger anxiety. My Polish girl friend visited us today and told me that it is normal for her stage. Of course I know, but i can't deny the fact that i am hurting everytime i see her crying when i am separated from her. Most of the time, i am with her and we are together. Exactly most of my time is just being with her. One of this days, I will leave her to her dad. Just both of them so she'll get used to the fact that it is alright to be separated from me and that everything's ok even if i am out of her sight. It would make her more human and grow up normally. So, she'll get usedto being with her dad.

As of the moment, she is sleeping and I am glancing at her from time to time, swispering sweet songs to her and blogging to brag about how wonderful life is having her around. Though, i felt exhausted by the end of the day but that is part of the greatest challenge being a mom.

I'm a new mom and it doesn't mean i can't take care of my baby. Motherly instinct really would just kick in.

Just be cool when your a mom. I tell you it's cool to be a mom.
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