Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a site

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
When i am about to open my site, my web browser leads me to an unknown site which left a big grin on my face. Sometimes, there are just sites which will just pop up on the screen, they are advert of sorts to promote a site or a product.

Hurrah! this is what that site script says:

Find yourself a partner before you grow gray and old without anything to look forward to except for your obsession with your stupid career. There is more to life than careers and more to life than money. Imagine having a billion dollars and dying by yourself. It's counter-intuitive really! Try American Singles or Over 30 Romance or SinglesNet or 40-70 year old Singles or Christian Cafe. Whatever! Just find yourself a damn partner and stop watching pornography and television, because it will not land you a date anytime in the next century! It's just impossible to get a date by watching TV. Go to the park or the library or something.

Oh what?! OMG! I laugh out loud with that context. Very good marketing script...convincing for those dying to find love in an instant or that for those hopeless romantic ones. I like the word STUPID CAREER for I personally know some friends who is into seriously working to get to the top of their career but end up in the pit of nowhere.... Loveless, heartbroken and old. True, there is more life than careers and more to life than money. But nowadays, people works hard to earn good money to get a good life and that is reality! It would be more fulfilling if we could just live life easily in luxury of money and rich with love. More often than not, we can't have both.

That script marks a laugh at my butt today. Oh yeah!

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